Monday, October 3, 2016

The Case for Retweets

I sometimes feel like the same things pop up on Twitter over and over again. I look to Twitter for innovative technologies, new ideas in education, or great reading to push my thinking. There are moments when I don't find anything that grabs my attention as something to explore; I feel like I see the same things being shared multiple times....and that's when I stop and think.

1. Consider a metaphor, where transportation equals learning; everyone travels differently.  Some walk leisurely down a quiet country path, embracing the peace that is stirred only by a single songbird in a tree; others blast through subway tunnels, high on the anticipation of where the trains may take them; still others are welding a supersonic, time-travelling submarine in their garage, preparing for a mind-blowing journey.  Each journey is valid, and has value for the traveller.

2. What may be a familiar idea to me, may be brand new, exciting, and motivating for someone else. I joined Twitter to be part of a Learning Network; I should contribute as a team player to augment others' learning. You may not need to read at length about a new tool or pedagogical practice; don't let that govern whether or not you retweet. Someone in your PLN is likely to find this tweet useful and valuable.

While it can at times be tedious to wade through the current, your "aha" tweet, retweeted by someone else, will float by any time soon.

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