Friday, May 16, 2014

Reflections from Week 2

This week our museum project has made great gains. We managed to resurrect the Roman Coliseum, investigate the Great Pyramids, and reconstruct a Mosque. Students have been resourceful and cooperative when it comes to sharing their materials. I was very pleased to see students share hot glue sticks, paint, nails, and even Play-Doh to help eachother progress with their respective exhibits.

On the technology front, we learned how to add photos and video directly into our Google Drives on the iPads. We struggled at first trying to execute moves we can do on desktop computers, and found that we had to become more creative with our creations on the iPad version.

We made folders that we shared, and dropped our photos and videos into these folders. Thanks to a quick conversation on Twitter with Mr. Bieronski, we were able to share with as many of our coaches as the program would allow. (We're still working out obstacles with differences between the desktop and mobile versions.

I can tell we're on the right track, because when I explain what our class is doing to other teachers, or even non-educators, the reaction is usually one of surprise and riveted curiosity.  So far no one has expressed doubt or scepticism with our plan.

I hope that next week the students will have a chance to "meet" with their coaches on line to share their progress. We also need to start writing and recording the interactive portion of our exhibit. If we keep going on the same trajectory, I feel we'll be in a good place very soon.

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